Drive order fulfillment accuracy and efficiency with OzLINK

OzLINK for UPS Custom provides advanced integration to all of the order management and e-commerce applications in the market. OzLINK Custom streamlines your shipping operation and automates your entire fulfillment process. Custom provides real-time UPS integration with your internal systems, tailored to your company-specific needs.

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OzLINK for UPS Custom
If you’ve made it here and you didn’t see what you wanted in our other UPS solutions, OzLINK Custom can fit your business requirements.
  • Batch processing
  • Leverage all services available within UPS WorldShip®
  • Single or multi-piece shipments
  • LTL freight
  • Real-time integration with your order management system
  • Support your company's specific business rules
  • Proof of delivery
  • Excel-based batch tracking
  • Transit status
  • Exception notification
  • PRO number tracking
  • Domestic and International
  • Time-in-transit optimization
  • Visibility into drop-shipment costs
  • Automated handling fee support
Address Validation
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Street level
  • Residential vs Commercial classification
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Get the most out of your shipping, e-commerce and warehouse applications. Our solution architects will review your requirements, and tailor-design a solution that meets your specific business needs. At Oz, our guarantee is to deliver a seamless shipping and fulfillment operation.
Made with the following OzLINK Extensions
E-commerce Integration
With multiple channels such as Magento, Amazon, Volusion, and eBay, OzLINK automatically inserts your e-commerce orders into your ERP system or directly into WorldShip. OzLINK also feeds real-time order status information into your e-commerce and ERP systems and provides your customers with shipment notifications.
OzLINK enables one-button shipment processing directly from your ERP or Ecommerce system with UPS WorldShip. This bi-directional integration includes returning published or negotiated shipping cost, tracking numbers and shipped status back to your order management system.
Automated Tracking
OzLINK will automatically update your internal systems with package tracking status, and automatically tracks each package you ship, until it has successfully been delivered. Your customer service people will no longer need to copy tracking numbers to and from the shipping carrier web site, as OzLINK updates your systems automatically. OzLINK can also be configured to generate alerts in the event of delivery exceptions.
Combo Pack/Ship Document
OzLINK generates a single page, branded packing slip with shipping label included. This extension allows for the printing of an outbound shipping label or return services label, all in one document. This option is often combined with a batch-processing requirement, allowing you to print all of your orders with a single click.
Packing Validation
Bar code scanning-based packing validation helps ensure your customers get what they order. OzLINK reduces fulfillment mistakes and eliminates the need for costly re-shipments.
Time-in-transit Optimization
Whether it’s live bait, produce or medical supplies, OzLINK can route your shipments based on UPS time-in-transit information, or even weather forecasts, to ensure your shipments arrive when expected.
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  • Training Schedule

    In these complementary 60 minute training sessions you will learn OzLINK for UPS through a live online demonstration.

    The first 30 minutes will be training. In the remaining half, we will share a user-submitted scenario as a workshop.

    • Execute basic batch rating, address validation, shipping, and tracking from Excel
    • Map your Excel template to UPS WorldShip®
    • Use your Quantum Manager data to rate outsourced shipment
    • Analyze time in transit information to assess best UPS service
    • Perform origin analysis; compare costs, time in transit, and level of service
    • User submitted scenario as a workshop
    • Q&A, time permitting

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